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The Cruise and Land of the Giantess

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The Cruise and Land of the Giantess
Running Time:
351 pics

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Tags: shrinking insertion shrunken man shrunken woman
Description :     The Cruise and Land of the Giantess. 351 illustrated pics total This is two stories. The first one is a 231-picture comic about Brad, April and Brittany who are the founders of a tech firm who have invented a shrinking device. To celebrate their first government contract, they decide to go on a cruise together. The catch is they can’t afford tickets for all three of them so Brad must be shrunk and snuck past the airport security body scanner inside April’s vagina. Later on, the boat he finds that Brittany sabotaged the shrinking device and he is forced to spend the entire cruise at 4 inches tall. This set had a lover triangle dynamic with Brittany having a secret lesbian crush on April and she wants Brad out of the way. Brittany introduces April and Brad to Summer. Brad ends up being given away to Summer by Brittany after she tricks April into thinking she accidently stepped on Brad when she was drunk. This is a gentle story with lots of hand held scenes, feet interaction, near crushes, and lots of sex. April later ends up shrunk so there is a shrunken women element to the story as well. Gentle fans should enjoy this one. The next story is a 120-pic comic about three members of Star Fleet who find their Shuttle has entered a worm hole and they end up crash landing on a giant world. One of the members meets a horrible end. The other two are helped by a nice giantess named Emmie. Emmie and Jake fall in love and Jake decides to stay. Tina fly’s back to Star fleet after her ship is repaired. This story is for gentle fans it includes a shrunken man sex scenes. Of course, lots of hand held shots. Gentle fans should also enjoy this one.

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