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360 VR Schoolgirls Secret Bug-Sized Boyfriend

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360 VR Schoolgirls Secret Bug-Sized Boyfriend
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: Big Boobs, Cleavage, Jeans, Naughty Schoolgirl, Schoolgirl, Schoolgirl Fantasy, Short Shorts, Soles, Spit Fetish,
Description :     Seriously! It's become "I don't like him like that" to "-O.M.G.- he's as annoying as a gnat!" And... I could Cru.sh you now. Underneath my big dirty feet which are towering over you! You're shrunk and everyone has left! You're happy to have me all to yourself now, aren't you? Do you like the feeling of being stalked? Now you're literally as small as you ever were to me- a pest! Awhh... you look scared and so now I want to make you feel better. The reason you ever got the slightest of my attention is because you're cute. That's why I stop and start talking to you over and over again. It's a lot better that I can't hear you anymore so here. My soft lips are surrounding you! I bet you've been dreaming of kissing me and I am always super horny. We can do all kinds of stuff- I'll try you out like a dildo! Sometimes I'm so wet that it's embarrassing! Look what else we can do. My tits are HUGE- look give them a feel quick before someone sees us in public! And I know you're always checking out my ass! ... Now, now... you're getting really excited and so am I, so ~let's be together~ and turn it into something more serious. :) I'm going to kiss you again. Careful not to squirm, just let me hold you between my fingers, that'd be too bad your biggest dream come true and you get swallowed on the first day! Kissing you makes me want to feel you in other places too. Someone is coming so here, I'm going to get you wet with my saliva strands and keep you in my panties while I walk home from school. PS: You'll have to be ~my little secret~ because Amanda and Betsy would Cru.sh you if they found out about you. Features: -Amazing VR quality, barely any stitch lines -Public scene/set, schoolgirl scenario -Bare soles, toes, mouth, boobs, ass, saliva, pussy -Sandals, neon orange toenails, detail of soles -Macro/shrunken foot fetish fisheye view (zoom out) -Between fingers, pink finger nails -Big lips, kissing, inside mouth -Jean shorts, ass view & thong flash -Big boobs, cleavage, bra-less, inside shirt -Drooling, spitting, thick saliva strands -Panty insertion, pussy flash

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