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My Mouth Fetish

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My Mouth Fetish
Running Time:
5 minutes

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Tags: Brunette, Cleavage, eye contact, Lingerie, Lips, Mouth Fetish, POV, Sexy, Tongue Fetish,
Description :     Know when you're in the mood to get off to a mouth fetish video that you just can't seem to find... or find any more similar to what you're looking for? The few that hit the spot at one point, a few times, that you've spent hours looking for more that are almost exactly like it but with a different girl, room, angle, or the specific mouth movements that you know will make you cum? ... That's exactly what inspired me to make this video. I'll admit it. I have a fetish for the female mouth... and this is an example of a mouth fetish video that gets me soaking wet and cumming within minutes from the start. And after you watch this and cum to all the hotness it contains... know that I'll be making another mouth fetish video like this for you that'll make us cum just as good! *Contains nearly constant lip licking, eye gazing, and a short closeup at the end*

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