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Hostile Takeover of the planet

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Hostile Takeover of the planet
Running Time:
14 Minutes

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Tags: Aliens & Monsters, Booty Shorts, Domination, feet pov, Legs, Socks,
Description :     Katelyn Brooks is just returning from Planet Giantess, full of growth serum and wearing her new growth-fiber socks, and now she's armed and ready to perform a hostile takeover of Earth! You've intercepted her message This is one giantess who relishes the feeling of crus**** people under her socks and smashing them with her gigantic ass! She crushes tiny buildings beneath her socks to give you a taste of what's to come, and even starts moaning in pleasure as she goes into graphic detail about how she's going to bring about the fall of the world, leaving her on top and the survivors as her tiny servants! You won't be able to change your fate, but this video will let you know what's coming!

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