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Shrunk Under Amazons Giant Soles - 4k VR HD

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Shrunk Under Amazons Giant Soles - 4k VR HD
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: Clip Feature: 4K Virtual Reality, Giantess, feet , Soles, Amazons
Description :     SHOT WITH OUR ALL NEW 4K VIRTUAL REALITY CAMERA! HIGHER QUALITY HOWEVER NOT FULL 360! You've been shrunken under the feet of two of the tallest women you know! Vanessa towered over you at 6'3 and Velma at 6ft in real life, now you are only an inch tall as the two HUGE woman loom over your tiny body with their massive feet! Vanessa's size 12's and Velma's size 11's are so big you can't believe it! They threaten to crush you if you don't sniff and worship their feet at your new size. The walk around and over you as you are frozen to the spot. One false move and your life will be ended under their giant feet! You're in a bad spot and there's no escaping these amazons!

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