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A Delicious Yogurt Surprise

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A Delicious Yogurt Surprise
Running Time:
21 Minutes

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Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old, Blouse Fetish, Cleavage, Eating Fetish, Licking, Licking Lips, Lips, Pig Tails, Swallowing & Drooling, Tongue Fetish,
Description :     Giantess Katelyn loves yogurt as it makes a perfect midday snack! In this video you watch as she consumes an entire container of yogurt- including a tiny man that has accidentally fallen in! He watches helplessly as she slowly devours the entire cup of yogurt, savoring each drop in her mouth. Soon enough he finds himself on the way up to her mouth as she hungers for even more. Katelyn slowly licks him off of her spoon and into her cavernous mouth... she moans as she plays with him on her tongue. (Very HOT scene) Mixed with the yogurt he tastes absolutely orgasmic! His attempts to escape are met with her enormous tongue as she brings him to the back of her mouth to swallow him alive. The Giantess savors his every move as she feels his tiny body sliding down her throat and into her belly below. She rubs her throat and her stomach, completely satisfied with her snack. This video is being priced at a discount because it has some neon colored pixels that show up here and there for a second or two.

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