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A Delicious Yogurt Surprise

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A Delicious Yogurt Surprise
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: Brunette, Close Up, Cum In Mouth, Extreme Close-Ups, Girlfriend Experience, Horny Wife, Mouth Fetish, POV, Tongue Fetish, Uvula Fetish,
Description :     Giantess Katelyn talks on the phone with a girlfriend about wedding stuff while her soon to be husband, Randall, walks in and begins fucking her mouth. From being mouth fucked Katelyn's coerced to have to call her girlfriend back later. Randall then fucks her mouth upside down, sideways, straight on, and sideways again (many minutes of very deep and super close up amazing inside the mouth fucking POV with moaning). After Randall blows his load Katelyn kindly invites him into the shower with her to clean off, before she calls her friend back.

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