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Honey I blew myself up

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Honey I blew myself up
Running Time:
19 minutes

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Tags: Pov, giantess, Cali, crush, hand held, vore, building destruction
Description :     I was thinking if it was possible to have a sequel to "Honey, I ate the lamaze class" with cali logan again. The sequel is called "Honey, I blew myself up." This video is about a giant pregnant woman now. The clothes she will be wearing is the same clothes from the last video which is the white tank top with the black sweatpants and shes barefoot.Lets add all types of FX noises to this. The city will be: a regular sized model city. Lets use the tiny plastic people figurines with the the tiny cars. The length should be like 18 mins at least.

The story begins like this Cali got home from the incident that happened in her lamaze class. She was upset and finds another of lances devices on the counter. She tries to take it back and put it away from harms reach but ends up activating it. She gets shocked from the device and starts growing and bursts through her house and is now a giant in her city. She tries to look for her help but everyone is in panic because she is a giant. She steps and sits on people by accident. The news starts brodcasting her and she gets upset and eats the news chopper. She burps and that gets her hungry and she looks for food but nothing statisfies her so she starts eating cars and people. The police tried to stop her but shes a giant so how can they. Cali destroys as she sees fit and squats down to see what else she can do. she enjoys being a giant and ends up stripping to her black bra and black panties. Feeling free and giant she continues to destroy the city eating stomping and butt crushing people. She even puts tinies her front and back panties. With the city destroy cali decides to go explore into another city she finds. Let me know if there needs to be corrections done. Give me your feedback too. Thank you so much again.


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