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People Movie Snacks FX

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People Movie Snacks FX
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Tags: Pov, handheld, Vivian, Darenzia vore, FX
Description :     Custom Request: Could you do a video where Darenzina and Vivian are watching a movie with a big popcorn bowl but inside is not popcorn it's little people, they eat them like popcorn, Darenzina throws one up in the air and she opens her mouth and he lands in it. Have Vivian make a fist in the bowl and have her put her fist in her mouth like popcorn, darenza eats some then Vivian eats all the people and Darenzina gets mad. Fx please and show bowl pov, have it look like there eating a handful of people but you don't have to show people but please show where they eat some with fx, please show some really good vore scenes, and could you have them say, " pass the people please" you know like you'd say pass the popcorn, then at the end please have darenza get mad at Vivian for eating all of them and have her call her a "greedy selfish pig" then have her kick her out

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