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Velvets makes you her ass slave

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Velvets makes you her ass slave
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, handheld, Miss Velvets, booty crush, ass worship,
Description :     The POV opens with Miss Velvets inviting us to her house. She’s wearing just a bra and skimpy thong. She greets us with a smile saying, “Oh goodie you’re here, c’mon in!” And invites us to her house. As we follow her in, we are mesmerized by her appearance and can’t help but zone into her ass as she leads us to her living room. When we get to the living room, Velvets turns to us and says, “I see you like what I’m wearing.” Embarrassed, we shyly shake our head yes. “Awwwww, it’s ok. No need to be shy,” Velvets says, with a laugh. “I know you’ve been wanting me to smother you for a while now, turning around and grabbing her ass. “ESPECIALLY with my, big, soft ass.” We vigorously nod “yes” a few times. “Well, what if I told you, today is your lucky day?!” Velvets blow us a kiss and tell us that she has just used her magical powers to make us completely invincible to make our biggest fantasy come to life. “Now, every time I snap my fingers, you’ll shrink to all the parts of my body, you’ve been DYING for me to smother and tease you with!” “Are you ready?” We vigorously shake our head yes. “Yaay,” she says, “here goes.” Velvets snap her fingers and we are shrunk to eye level with her boobs. Hesitantly we put our face in her boobs and just do a little nuzzle and back out. “Oh, c’mon don’t be scared,” she says pulling us back in and smothering us viciously with them. “I told you, nothing’s going to hurt you silly!” Being reassured we press our face in as far as we can and let Velvets do whatever she wants with them. She shakes us as hard as she can with them then takes each boob and smothers and bounces them on our face, before finally pressing her boobs together and jiggling them in our face. Excited to see how happy we are after she releases us from her boobs, Velvets giggles and snaps again. This time we shrink to her waistline, perfect height to be belly smothered. Laughing, Velvets says, “You didn’t think I remembered your belly fetish, did you?” We shake our head “no”. Still laughing, Velvets takes our face and presses it tightly against her belly, moving it around in our face. We then proceed to passionately kiss her belly button. “That tickles,” Velvets says giggling. We continue kissing her belly button a little more and then we release for a second. Looking up at Velvets, she bends down a little and says, “How bout I make a belly doughnut and smother you a little more, yeah?” Again, we shake our head yes and Velvets squeezes her belly tightly in our face a few times. After we’ve had our fill of belly worship, Velvets looks down and asks us if we’re ok and enjoying our treat. We eagerly nod yes. “Good,” she says turning around and looking over shoulder making sure her ass cheek hit us as she turns. “Now, you’re the biggest fantasy comes true,” she says with wide eyes and sexy smile. She snaps her fingers again and we are perfectly shrunk just enough to worship her big, beautiful ass. Looking up at her, Velvets gives us a sexy finger wave and smacks her ass. We eagerly shove our face as far as we can between Velvets cheeks and she starts shaking her ass as fast as she can back and forth “Boy, you really love my ass don’t you?” she asks. Keeping our face between her cheeks, we nod yes and let Velvets ass shaking lead us wherever it takes us. After she stops shaking it, she holds our face between her cheeks giggling “Can’t” forget the end boom jiggle.” After she’s done, Velvets takes a step forward and looks down over her shoulder at us. “Hmmm, what else can we do? “, she says rubbing her chin, pondering. Hmmm. She thinks briefly for a second while we spontaneously walk up and bite her left ass cheek. “Ouch,” she says with a laugh, “calm down little guy.” Suddenly her eyes light up. “ I got it.” Stay right there ok.?” We nod yes. She takes two steps forward then bends over. Zig zagging towards us, velvets make a plane sound before hovering her ass momentarily in front of us than making a crashing sound and bouncing her ass on our face. Again she asks if we like it, and we nod yes. This time she takes a few more steps forward before making a swirling motion as she comes back at us. She hovers her ass in front of us longer, teasing us by thrusting it back at us, first gently, and then a little harder, and then thrusts it in our face with enough force to drive us on our back and use her momentum to follow through and sit on us. She elongates the crashing plane sound this time to bounce her cheeks back and forth on us a few time then does a few full ass bounces before putting her full weight on us. Looking down at us over her shoulder, she gently shakes her ass on our face and lets out a little sigh. “Phew, all this fun is hard work,” she says bending down a little and resting her chin on her elbow. After resting a second, she get’s up off of us and stands up. Extending us her hand she pulls us back to our feet and says “Let’s take a little walk.” Still, at ass height, she pulls us right up to her crack and tells us to stay right behind her . “Bet you never in your wildest dreams thought you’d get to enjoy a walk with a beautiful ass bouncing off your face the entire time,” she says. We shake our head no. “I promise to walk slow enough for you to keep up.” She bends down and gives us a kiss. Looking over her shoulder she slowly starts to walk. Adding “bouncy, bouncy, bouncy bouncy,” as she walks, her ass cheeks bounce us back and forth between them, as we follow her from one side of the room and back again, checking up on us a few times to see if we’re still behind her. After the walk, Velvets asks if we’re ready to be shrunk for the last time. Of course, we nod yes and she snaps her fingers a final time and we are at her feet. Still standing, Velvets playfully kicks us a few times with her toes from both feet and then picks up her soles and gives us an ambush of feet, one foot, then the other, then both. “Fee fi, fo fum, my feet make you cum” she laughs. Loving it, we lean into her feet to harden the contact and kiss her feet back and forth as best we can. After our brief foot worship, Velvets lays down on her side on the floor in front of us. She leans forward and gives us another kiss saying, “ I had a lot of fun today, I think I’ll keep you this way” and leans forward giving us another kiss. “Would you like that? Getting to be teased and smothered by me every day?” We nod with joy and Velvets claps with delight. “ Now what can we do to end such a perfect day? ” she asks. We turn our face to her boobs and push our face against them. “Ok, we can have a little bit more fun,” Velvets says. She sits up and puts her hand out for us to climb up on, then tells us to hold on tight and smothers us 3 times as hard as she can, putting us in and pulling us back out all 3 times. While still in her hand, we look down at her bellybutton again. Teasingly rolling her eyes at us, Velvets says “you’re so spoiled” and sets us down at her panties and allows us to crawl up and kiss and worship her belly for a few moments. After that, Velvets put us back down and lays on her belly with her ass and feet facing us. Looking back at us she shakes her ass and motions us to climb up the back of her leg saying, “ might as well save the best for last right?” We climb up the back of Velvets leg and again bury ourselves as deep as we can between her cheeks. She tells us to hold on tight as she shakes and bounces her ass around going “aaaaassssssquuuuaaaake” Her assquake drains the last of the energy we have and we wearily lay down in velvets ass crack and she ass rocks us to sleep, softly saying good night as we fade out to Velvets rocking us between her cheeks.

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