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Loryelle’s Too Small to Escape SFX

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Loryelle’s Too Small to Escape SFX
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Tags: giantess, sfx, feet, barefoot, crush, Loryelle, giantess sfx, sfx
Description :     Charlie is a real womanizer – or at least he thinks he is one. What he don’t know, I’m the best friend of his girlfriend and she wants to get rid of him, for all that cheating on her. So I mix him a special drink that let him shrink. He gets as small as an ant, close to my gigantic feet. I tell him not to run away, otherwise I’ll squish him instantly. Watch the poor helpless, ant-sized Charlie at my smelly, gigantic feet crying for help, while I have my fun with him. Will he survive this or will he get punished for his cheating? Find out! Blonde hair and business dress. Contains mostly foot action with sandals and barefoot. Lot of SFX and some of POV shots.

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