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Mini Mister 2

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Mini Mister 2
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Description :     Mini Mister is back! The much antecipated Episode 2 is finally here!..

In this Episode, Mini Mister is a street bum vandalizing a neighborhood of retired people. He decides to break inside a house but his friend won't play along so, he decides to do it on his own. When he realizes that inside that house lives a sinister, dark sorceress (played by the goth Model "Lucifiction"), it's too late... She forces him to swallow a shrinking pill and proceeds to torture him in the most sadistic imaginable ways.

She imprisons him inside a glass bowl and drips burning wax all over his tiny body. Mini Mister frantically crawls and squirms desperately trying to avoid the excruciating burns... But ends up sealed in wax, unable to move or breathe.

She then releases him from the wax and tapes him to a cactus full of sharp thorns. While he tries to release himself from the tape, she electrocutes him several times, using her special taser.

Realizing he won't die, she takes him to her garden, trapped in her cleavage. He begs and squirms in between her breasts, while she digs his tiny grave in the earth. She picks him up and, after giving him a kiss, she throws him in the hole and buries him alive. While he suffocates underground, she tries to pierce him through the earth, using her stilletos.

However, when she tries to dig his corpse out, she realizes he's still alive!.. So, she pins him between her breasts again and carries him to the kitchen, where she traps him inside her blender. She throws some water inside the blender and despite all his begging and pleading, she grinds Mini Mister into a blood shake.

Mini Mister has finally paid for breaking in... And is now going to satisfy her sadistic apetites, in a more eddible manner.

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