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Crush On You

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Crush On You
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Tags: Giantess, extreme close-up, POV, eyes, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, face fetish, mouth fetish, brunette, dirty talk, tongue, throat, vore
Description :     A giantess is on a rampage when she spots you. At first, she is going to stomp you,.. just like all the other little pathetic creatures she meets. The ground rumbles, her voice booms, and you prepare to met your end. BUT,.. you're different. You get her attention. She plays with you,.. taunts you with her huge supple lips and inviting mouth. She teases you with the thought of putting you inside her mouth and consuming you. She picks you up and flys you around. You can't believe that she hasn't destroyed you by now. As the Giantess plays with you,.. keeping you warm between her massive breasts,.. her mouth starts to water. You get so excited that your manhood pops to attention,... This excites her,. so she asks you to pull it out and put on a show. Now you've got her so hungry and excited,... well,... she can't wait any longer! She's gonna eat you up!

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