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Men Without Height Part 3

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Men Without Height Part 3
Running Time:
6 minutes

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Description :     Chloe has taught Kira how to use the shrinking formula and now Kira has the power to shrink you, Billy, to just a 1/4 inch tall. She holds you in her huge hand to tour her gigantic body up close. Kira grabs her magic feather duster to show you her next trick and transforms into a sexy maid outfit right before your very eyes. She does a special erotic dance as you gaze up at her enormous figure towering above. She also places you in her colossal cleavage for the ride of your life. Kira is so happy you chose her to shrink you down. She waves the magic feather duster again and is now standing before you in a black mesh bra and panties. Kira does another sexy dance just for you, Billy and things really start to heat up. She gives you sweet kisses with her giant glossy lips and the two of you retire to the bedroom. Kira knows right where to put your tiny figure for her maximum pleasure and you are sure to not disappoint her. Includes special effects and point of view angles.

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