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Sneaker Stomp

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Sneaker Stomp
Running Time:
13 minutes

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Tags: Giantess, vore, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, throat fetish, teeth fetish, extreme close-up, POV, eating, brunette, workout wear, ass, extreme close-up, sitting fetish, swallowing fetish, sneaker fetish, spandex pants
Description :     A giantess is startled when you sneak up on her as she's working out. She furious. She makes the ground shake. She berates you as you wonder your fate. You've stand at her sneaker-clad feet. Maybe she should just stomp all over you for invading her privacy. Once she calms down,. she notices how cute you are. Having fun with you, she teases you with her gigantic sweaty breasts. She's been working pretty hard,.. and wouldn't you just love to take a ride in those huge mounds. But maybe not. She should sit on you. Squash you with her big ass. You'd probably like that too much. Maybe she should eat you. You look pretty tasty. Her large mouth comes at you and you can hardly contain the excitement at the thought of sliding down her throat. Teeth clash and her tongue flicks at you. Her smile fades as she remember that you've invaded her home,.. Nope! Stomping you to death. That's your fate. Good-by little man!

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