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Cousin Desiree Part 2

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Cousin Desiree Part 2
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Description :     Henry's sweet girlfriend comes in to wake him from his nap. She tells him that she is all out of pills to return his shrunken body back to his normal size and that her cousin Desiree is coming by today. Henry doesn't like her flirtatious cousin and with good reason watch as the wicked Desiree traps Henry and takes provocative photos of the two of them to black mail him and sabotage his romantic relationship. Desiree makes Henry her love slave. Watch through his eyes as she strips to her black bra and panties and forces Henry to worship and kiss her entire body. Desiree then puts on her special red lipstick which causes the person you kiss to fall into a deep sleep. She covers Henry's 4 inch body with incriminating red lip marks, makes a secret phone call to confirm the mission was accomplished and sends off the photos of herself and Henry to an unknown recipient. When Henry's sweet girlfriend returns to find him naked and covered in lipstick, she isn't mad at all. In fact, his girlfriend and Desiree planned the whole thing. She wanted to share Henry with her cousin and now the two beautiful ladies want to have some fun with all 3 of them together!

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